One of the jaguars with the dead doe.

Percy Roscoe, age 56, was driving Montgomery Street last Friday at approximately 2:30 PM in West Roxbury, Boston when he saw a very strange and gruesome thing: two jaguars up in a tree, devouring a dead deer.

The jaguars had escaped from the Franklin Park Zoo about two days earlier. 

"I just glanced up at the tree and saw them eating a deer. I stopped my car and took a photo."

Mr. Roscoe called Animal Control, who came in about 5 minutes with zookeepers. The zookeepers shot the jaguars with a tranquilizer gun and put them in their zoo truck. They also took the dead deer and brought it to the jaguars to finish eating at the zoo.

By Russell Wilson

Edited by Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers