Josephine Jade Marat (born 1954) was a Chaser for the French National Quidditch team from 1981 until her retirement in 2002, and captain of said team from 1993 until 2002.

Early LifeEdit

Josephine was born a half-blood witch, to wizard Charlot Marat and Muggle Clemence Dupont. Marat lived in Pianottoli-Caldarello in Corsica for several years before moving to Bordeaux at age 17 and learning Quidditch.


Marat started her Quidditch training in Bordeaux in 1972, before moving to Flers and trying out for the Flers Ferrets, a French National Quidditch team affiliate. She got the job as Center Chaser, and played on the Ferrets for several years. Then, in 1981, she was called up to the majors, and never played another day in Minor League Quidditch. Josephine played for France for the rest of her career, and was named captain in 1993. In 1998, a turkey incident happened. On May 11, she was at Alain Lacriox's house in Paris, when she and Lacroix got knocked out from a spell by a Death Eater. When they awoke, they found themselves turned into turkeys on an Indian reserve in 1611.

Josephine lived for six days as a large female turkey before she ate dried corn, which was directly on top of a snare set by Pequots. Her leg triggered the snare, and she flew upwards and was caught. She was left dangling upside down in the air. A few days later, a group of Pequots saw that their trap had caught a turkey. They shot her, killing her turkey form instantly, and took her back to the house to eat her.

Alain lived as a turkey for almost a month before being speared by a Pequot in the tail feathers. The spearing, while not fatal, pinned him against a rock. The Pequot threw another spear, which stabbed him in the chest. The turkey died seconds later and he and Josephine were transported back to their regular time period, and found that no time had passed.

That same day, Marat told her story, recovered, and was back on the French pitch in three days. On her season debut against New Zealand, Marat scored 13 goals and was credited with 6 assists, a total of 190 points. Marat was named Player of The Game and was named the season MVP. She won the World Cup in 1999, and finished second to Oskar Tamm in MVP voting.

France won the World Cup again in 2002; Josephine missed most of the playoffs with an ankle injury, but was named MVP of the Final.

Before the 2003-06 season Marat announced that she was retiring from Quidditch. She is currently the manager for the French team.