Montreal Expos


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Cap Insignia

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1969 (Expansion team)


Relocated: December 3, 2004 (to Washington, D.C., as the Washington Nationals)


Red, White, Blue

East Division titles (6)

1969 • 1970 • 1979 • 1986 • 1997 • 2003

NL Pennants (2)

1969 • 1970

World Series titles (1)


The Montreal Expos were a Miami Little League team located in Montreal, Quebec from 1969 through 2004, holding the first MLL franchise awarded outside the United States. After the 2004 season, MLL moved the Expos to Washington, D.C. and renamed them the Nationals.

Hall of FamersEdit

The Expos have several players with plaques in Key Biscayne. They are featured below:


Tiago Alves

Cole Center

Karl Davis

Chris DiBenetto

Harold Eckenrode

Antônio Ferreira

David Higgs

Abe Matney

Ernie McAllister

Roland Roberto

Jonathan Roberts

Arthur Santos

Philip Smith

Mark Spot

Roy Summerlin

Ray Villareal

Michael Woodward

Players listed in bold are depicted on their Hall of Fame plaques wearing an Expos cap insignia.