Poulí mes sto klouví me katharó, which translates to Bird in cage with net, and is commonly referred to as The Cage Game, is a game played with 20 people, a cage, a bird, and five nets. The cage is cubic, with five people standing on each side. These people, normally hunters, trap the bird in the cage for this game. One by one, the wooden planks that the hunters are standing behind lift up for a few seconds and go back down. The bird has a chance to escape from the cage by going under the planks while they are open.


Five out of the 20 holes have nets at the opening, and if the bird flies into a net, the opening to the cage closes, and it is trapped. If the bird doens't successfully fly out of any of the openings after the last opening has closed, it is also trapped. In either of these cases, the hunters reserve the right to kill and subsequently sell or eat the bird, but if the bird goes out of an opening without a net, they cannot kill it.