Sam: Isn't that the boat from when we went fishing?

Nathaniel: Yeah. That was some weird fishing.

–North Star (episode)

Weird Fishing
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date TBA
Written by Zane Park and Adrian McCarthy
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Weird Fishing is an NS World episode from season 3. In tthis episode, Nathaniel and Sam go fishing, but then get transported back in time, turned into lobsters, and get trapped, in lobster form, by themselves, in human form.


Nathaniel and Sam read that the W-Store is running low on fish, so they decide to catch fish and sell them to the W-Store. They catch lobster, pompano, mackerel, bass, and Pacific salmon and Atlantic salmon. Suddenly, they realize that they forgot their squid, an essential bait, so they go back to their mansion to get the squid. when they were at the mansion, they both get the feeling that someone is about to freeze time, and a few seconds later, time freezes. When it unfreezes, they find themselves chained to a wall in a hotel room. They see themselves fishing on TV, and realize that this was caused by a man named Clockwise, who can freeze time and turn animals into other animals. Time freezes again, and they turn into lobsters, in the lake that they caught the fish. They get caught in a lobster trap. The trap is pulled on board, and Nathaniel and Sam catch themselves. They get sold to a restaurant and boiled, and time freezes. When it unfreezes, they turn into mullet, and narrowly avoid getting eaten by a seagull before being eaten by an anhinga. After time freezes and unfreezes again, they are in a room in 2009. They crawl out through an air vent, fall into an old room full of books, and throw a net over Clockwise, who is in the room with them. They steal the orb which he needs to freeze time, and take him forward in time with them. They turn him into a mackerel, catch him, and sell him to the W-Shop, where a Webkinz alley cat buys and eats him.


Amber and Devisser get fired from various jobs.

Time freezingsEdit

  • At the mansion.
  • In the hotel.
  • Dying in a boiling pot.
  • Speared by an anhinga.
  • In Clockwise's mansion.
  • On fishing boat.


  • The title is a spoof of the term "weir fishing".
  • In the room with books in Clockwise's mansion, otter trawls are seen hanging from the ceiling. The stairs, seen in the back of the room, have whole tunas inside them, which can be visible by looking through the bulletproof glass on the side of the stairs.
    • These things may imply that Clockwise fished during his life in the 18th century.